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Republic of Chile (Republica de Chile)

My visit to Portillo, Santiago, Valpariaso and Vina del Mar
(September 2005)

click on picture for large view Andes Mountains
My flight (Delta Air Lines) from Atlanta to Santiago, the capital of Chile, was about nine hours
... when the early morning sunrise gave me my first view of this great mountain range.

 click on picture for large view Airport
From the Santiago airport we travel by car approximately 150 km northeast and up the Andes to Portillo Ski Resort.

Switchback highway 
click on picture for large view Switchbacks
The Transchilean highway continues up the Andes by way
of a series of switchbacks, a method of highway construction
that traverses the face of the mountain. Portillo is situated
9,350 feet above sea level.

Hotel Portillo
click on picture of large view Hotel Portillo.
Hotel Portillo a 5 star hotel is the center of Ski Portillo,
housing the many facilities which make up a first class
ski and holiday resort.

Ski Slopes 
click on picture of large view Ski Portillo
The picture taken from the summit of one the many ski runs, shows the hotel complex, and the vastness of the skiing terrain.

click on for large view Santiago
The capital of Chile, Santiago with a population of over 5
million is the biggest city in Chile. The city has an Internation and National airport, a modern subway system, high rise buildings, malls, quality resturants, museum, zoo, universities and many beautiful parks and gardens.

click on for large view Santiago
Chile is usually considered to have five geographical region,
each with it own particular vegetation, climate and, other than the presence of the Pacific and Andes in all regions, its own distinct topography. Santiago is located in the "Central Region" area, the average monthly tempature is about 19 c in the
summer months of January and February, and 7 c in the
winter months of June and July.

click on for larger view Parque Uruguay (September 11, 2005)
This beautiful park is located near the centre of the city. In the background you can see some of the high rise buildings in the down town area.

Hotel Orly
click on for larger view Hotel Orly
The Orley hotel where I stayed while in Santiago,is truly an elegant hotel with excellant friendly service. Situated in a beautiful down town area of the city, it's an ideal place from
which to explore the city and to tour other areas of Chile's
Central Region.

click on picture for larger view Valparaiso
Valparaiso, Chile's second biggest city and the country's main
sea port, is approximately 130 km northwest of Santaigo.
Known as the "Jewel of the Pacific", Valparaiso was, before the openning of the Panama canal, the most important port on the Pacific coast, where ships sailing between Europe and the west coast of the United States stopped to take on new supplies. It is also the seat of the National Congress and Chile's Naval Headquarters.

click on picture for larger view Valpariaso
A view of the lower city area taken from up one of the 45 hill slopes which are the major residental areas of the city.
Fifteen of these hills are still serviced by ancient funiculars (ascensores), the others by way of very narrow streets that
take a zigzag course up the slope.

Vina del Mar
click on picture for larger view Vina del Mar
Vina del Mar with a population a about three hundred thousand has expanded to merge with the city of Valparaiso, only a little narrow street marks the
dividing line between the two. It has many excellent hotel, shopping, garden parks,beautiful residental
areas and high rise buildings.

Beach Resort
click on picture for larger view Vina del Mar
Vina de Mar called "The Garden City" is one of the
major beach resorts in Chile.

(Note in the background the port city of Valpariaso)

click on picture for larger view Vina del Mar
More views of this beautiful beach which has made
Vina del Mar the Chilean's favorite resort.
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